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As we all know, our children love to spend their time on their laptops, tablets and phones exploring the online world. Keeping up to date with changing technology can be a challenge and knowing how to ensure that your children stay safe online can be even harder!  We work hard at school to teach all of our pupils how to be responsible users of the internet, keep themselves safe online and to know what to do if they feel unsafe or threatened in any way.  However, a lot of the time they spend online is at home and we are regularly approached by parents for help and advice on how to manage this effectively, or asked to help resolve issues that have occurred online.

Please find the links below to two excellent documents that have been published by the NSPCC in partnership with O2 which provide children's online safety guidance to parents:

 ‘A parents’ guide to being Share Aware’ and ‘Your child’s online world – A guide for parents’




Please click here to access additional Computing and Online safety information