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Emergency School Closure Procedure


In the event of incidents such as adverse weather, power failure, water failure etc. every attempt will be made to keep the School open in order to minimise disruption to teaching and learning and to families.


However, the main focus is the health, safety and wellbeing of all pupils and staff and therefore, under such circumstances a risk assessment will be carried out at the earliest opportunity. This will take into account the conditions on site to ascertain if it is safe to enter the site and keep the school open.  In the event of the School having to close, you will be notified by our school text and e-mail notification system, and notifications will be put on to the School’s Social Media platforms.


We will do our best to make the decision as early as possible on the morning, but would like to assure you that a decision will be made by 8 am at the very latest as to whether the School will remain open or have to close for the day. Any parents / carers that are dropping children off to attend Breakfast Club will be asked to remain with the children until then. We do appreciate and thank you for your patience whilst a decision is being reached.