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School uniform is very important to us here at Pennine Way and children are expected to wear the following:

Please note the school govenors have approved Pupils School Wear (Swadlincote - t: 01283 224512 ) and WB Global Trading Ltd (20 Bells End Road, Walton on Trent - t: 01283 711538 w: www.wbglobaltrading.co.uk) as our school uniform providers.




Day Uniform


PLAIN BLACK SHOES: (No white / coloured highlights, heels should be kept to a minimum and no bigger than 2.5cm in height, Ankle boots are permitted but calf and knee length are not to be worn unless the weather is particularly bad, either wet or snowy. Children wearing boots at this time must change into their pumps when entering the school building. Trainers must not be worn as part of school uniform.)

GREY/RED/NAVY BLUE SOCKS OR TIGHTS: (These should be plain and simple and not have patterns or cartoon characters on them).


NAVY BLUE OR RED POLO: (No football shirts. Shirts with the school logo on are available from our approved suppliers).

NAVY BLUE SCHOOL FLEECE: (These are available from our approved suppliers and must be embroidered with your child's initials).




PE Kit

Indoor Kit (in Kit Bag 1) – This should be left in school at all times, only taken home at the end of each half term.

  • Black Pumps
  • White Short Socks
  • White T-Shirts (This can be plain or purchased with the logo on from our approved suppliers)
  • Black Shorts

Outdoor Kit (in Kit Bag 2) – This should be brought to school on a Monday and taken home to wash on a Friday.

  • Trainers
  • Long Black Football Socks
  • Black Shorts
  • White Polo Shirt (This can be plain or purchased with the logo on from our approved suppliers)
  • Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms / Joggers (These should be warm for outdoor   games during winter)
  • Navy Blue Hooded Sweatshirt (This can be plain or purchased with the logo and initials on from our approved suppliers)
  • Gum Shield and Shin Pads (every Yr3 pupil will be given a FREE gum shield on the first day of term)
  • Black skin or undershirt (optional for squad members only)



Other Uniform Information



We are aware that body piercing is becoming increasingly fashionable and would like to take this opportunity to update the school policy concerning jewellery.

Ideally, jewellery should not be worn in school (a watch only may be worn – no rings, necklaces or bracelets). If your child has pierced ears, then only small, plain ‘studs’ should be worn.  Children may only wear one stud in each ear.  Studs worn in any other body part – including noses, eyebrows, tongues and navels – are not permitted.

Jewellery should not be worn during P.E. and games lessons.  To avoid any problems caused by ‘freshly pierced ears’ and the difficulty of removing studs during the healing period, we would recommend that piercings should take place at the beginning of the summer holiday.

If your child is not able to remove their own studs, then these must not be worn for school on P.E./games days.


Could we ask that all hair which touches the shoulders is kept off the face and tied back in some way, either with an Alice band, head band or bobble? Hair should also be of one colour, preferably the child’s natural colour and styling kept to a minimum. Please keep things simple.

Water Bottles

Children may only use a school water bottle throughout the day and these are available from the school office at £2.50 each.