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Staff Contacts


Please feel free to contact the office should you wish to speak to your child's class teacher. Alternatively you can send a message via ClassDojo or use the email contact below. If your message is regarding absence, please ensure the office has been notified.  Headteacher  Deputy Headteacher (Head of Lower School) & Head of L/S English  Deputy Headteacher (Head of Upper School) & Head of U/S Maths  SENCO  Head of Yr 6 - Yr 6 Classteacher, Head of French & U/S Science  Yr 6 Classteacher & Head of U/S English  Yr 6 Classteacher & Head of History  Yr 6 Classteacher  Head of Yr 5 - Yr 5 Classteacher & Head of Design Technology   Yr 5 Classteacher & Head of ICT   Yr 5 Classteacher & Head of Geography Head of Yr 4 - Classteacher & Head of Religious Education Yr 4 Classteacher & Head of Art & Design  Yr 4 Classteacher, Head of PSHE & Designated Teacher for LAC  Head of Yr 3 - Yr 3 Classteacher & Head of L/S Maths & SMSC  Yr 3 Classteacher  Yr 3 Classteacher & Head of L/S Science  Head of Music  Head of Activities, Physical Education & Pupil Premium  Family Support Worker Finance Manager Business Manager Office Manager